Tuesday, March 2, 2010

E-Mail 3-1-10

This week has been really hard. We have not found any new investigators. It is hard because we are running out of people to teach. We are looking and praying so hard but we just can’t find people. But we are still looking.

Right now we have this guy we go over and read the Book of Mormon with every day. He is a crazy trucker that always tells us he is going to hang himself in his garage! We tell him “Shut-up, no you won’t!” We have some way shady investigators. One guy is good though, at the first of last week he was drinking and smoking and said he wanted to quit. But he seemed like he kind of did not wont to and he said when he prayed he felt silly. When we went back he said he wanted to give his money for cigarettes and beer to the church and we could just tell he was more sincere about it, it was a cool thing to see.

We had a meeting with Pres. Laney and dang is he awesome. He always lifts us up. He has this cool saying, it is “YOUR TO BLESSED TO BE DEPRESSED!!!” I really like that and try to think about it all the time. I can tell I am learning so much and am growing a lot too. I am so grateful for this chance to serve and am trying to make every day count.

Love you all,
Elder Fackler

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