Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pictures from Elder Fackler 3-15-10


  1. Baptisms! Isn't it wonderful, Bridger? I know you feel happy about this and had a big hand in making it happen. I too believe that you are where you're supposed to be at this time. It will bless your life. It's over half over, and a family visit is rapidly approaching. You have the perfect plan, right? Love you, Gramma Fackler.

  2. Cindy and Kevin, I don't know if Bridger gets to review this website so I'll also email him. Two boys on missions. Not an easy task. I thought doing without one son would do me in. (smile)but of course it didn't. Life goes on.

    I'm not well right now but will be better after Wed. when I can get back on my medication and supplements that obviously help me a lot. that's good information.

    Hope all is well there. I try to keep up with Facebook pages but haven't felt good enough to be there a lot right now. Love, love, love to each of you in St. George.